The Sweetest Deal in Town: Free Mix to Fully Cover the Cost of Your Soft Serve Machine... 

...It's Like Getting Your Machine for Free!

Get Everything you need to be profitable with soft serve ice cream from Day ONE!

Watch This Video to See How Our 3 Step Soft Serve Startup Accelerator Works!

Watch the video to learn all about how the Soft Serve Start-Up Accelerator program works, and then enter your email below to get started! 

with A single flavour machine 

You can produce: 

soft serve 2 png

soft serve

froyo 2 png

frozen yogurt

soft gelato 2 png


milkshake 2 png


And much more... 

Get Free Shipping, Free Mix, & Free Training With Our...

3 step soft serve accelerator 

The easiest way for Canadians and new operators to get started selling soft serve ice cream!

STEP 1: Pick Your Machine

Pick from a range of medium-duty, heavy-duty, and specialty soft serve machines. 

  • ​10 Models to Choose From Based On Your Needs
  • ​Brand New Machines
  • Countertop & Floor Models Available
  • ​Gravity-Fed & Pump-Fed Options
  • Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way. 
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soft serve mix png

STEP 2: Pick Your Value Bundle

Your value bundle is your free mix included with the machine. We carry a few different soft serve mixes based on your needs. 

  • Frostline Soft Serve: Our default option, known for it's profitability.
  • Dole Soft Serve: The taste of Hawaii. 9 fruit flavours, all 100% vegan. 
  • Whole Milk Soft Serve: For those looking to serve a full-fat premium Dairy product. 

STEP 3: Learn Your Machine

A free on-site staff training session with a certified, factory-trained machine technician is included.

We will cover: 

  • Making the mix: how to prepare the mix and run it through your machine. How to dispense the mix and pull soft serve cones.
  • Cleaning the Machine: how often to clean, what sanitizers to use, and the entire cleaning process broken down step-by-step.
  • And Answer Any Questions you may have: feel free to ask questions throughout the entire process, we even encourage it!
free staff training session png

everything you get!!!

*An Example Of Everything You Get When Using Frostline Soft Serve As Your Selected Value Bundle

**You Can Pick Your Choice Of Flavours (I.E. 11 Cases Vanilla Or Mix & Match)

BC 150 GR Frostline Value Bundle

  • BC 150 GR Soft Serve Machine
  • 11 Cases Frostline Soft Serve Mix
  • Mixing Bucket Bundle
  • ​​Stera Sheen Sanitizer & Machine Lube
  • ​​Frostline Marketing Materials (Posters, Flavour Tags, Magnetic Flavour Strips, Table Tent Poster, & Recipes)
  • ​Free Shipping in Canada
  • ​Free On-Site Staff Training Session Going Over Making the Mix, Cleaning the Machine, & Answering Any Questions You Have
BC150GR full stack png



We help Canadians looking to serve soft serve ice cream

Medium-high volume establishments 

Busy areas with lots of foot traffic

Cafes, Bistros, & Restaurants

New soft serve operators

Individuals looking for a soft serve machine at home

Farmer's Markets

Businesses looking for an additional source of revenue

Casinos, Hotels, & Resorts

Movie Theatres & Cinemas

Stadiums, Stampedes, & Concerts

Car Dealerships

Carnivals & Amusement Parks

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Convenience Stores

Food Trucks

Bowling Alleys

Spas & Wellness

And More...

***PLEASE NOTE: The Soft Serve Accelerator Program is Currently Only Available for Canadians.***

Dear Friend,

You Can Get Enough Free  Soft Serve Mix to Fully Cover The Cost of Your Soft Serve Machine!*

With Our One-of-a-Kind Soft Serve Accelerator Program

Are you looking to add soft serve to your menu or ramp up your existing ice cream offerings? Our Soft Serve Accelerator Program is the perfect opportunity for food business owners, new operators, and high volume establishments like casinos, resorts, and hotels to introduce soft serve to their customers!

Not only do we provide a free staff training session to ensure your team is fully equipped to operate your new machine, we also provide free soft serve mix to immediately start turning profits.

We've successfully helped many restaurants, car dealerships, casinos, and resorts with premium ice cream equipment, ingredients, and guidance. 

With our Soft Serve Accelerator Program you'll get enough free soft serve mix to fully cover the cost of your machine once sold. It's like getting a soft serve machine for free!

*When You Pick Frostline Soft Serve Mix As Your Value Bundle

Soft Serve Startup png
  • Serve New Offerings: Create happy memories for your customers with soft serve ice cream. 
  • Free Staff Training: A free staff training session covering making the mix and cleaning the machine. 
  • Free Soft Serve Mix: Start turning profits immediately. 
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